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At Thomas Metal Supply, you can find the only 21ft Jorn Folder Computerized Brake within the Cleveland area. We pride ourselves on bringing the community we intend to help the best technology available.

Whether your wanting a cleaner look or hate leaky roofs, this brake can help you by allowing us to make any of your trim up to 21 foot long. This means less seams for that clean solid look you want as well as less chances for leaks, meaning you won't be calling your roofer repeatedly to fix it.

Our computerized brake is also equipped with a clean cutting slitter, meaning we can cut, bend and complete any piece you need bent without having to utilize multiple machines to get it done.

With our computerized brake and the help of the Pathfinderprogram provided by AMS Controls, we can bend any piece of steel, aluminum, copper, or stainless steel down to the thousandth (1/1000"). This will ensure that no matter what the job is you have we can make the piece to help you complete it.

Please note any custom materials created by this brake will not be taken back as a credit. Please ensure you have all measurements accurate prior to ordering anything. Thanks.

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