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6" K-Style Guttering

Our state of the art 6" K-Style Gutter machine is sure to make your home look good without causing any leaks or water damage. Along with this style of gutter comes several advantages over other forms of gutter.

One of these is that it can handle the rapid water falling off of a metal or steep pitched roof due to the nature of it's wider design.

Another is it's diversity between it's accessories. While gutters like the 5" and 1/2 round are more restricted to the 2x3 and round downspouts and elbows, the 6" K-Style is capable of handling any type of downspout and elbow.

5" K-Style Guttering


6" 1/2 Round Guttering


2x3 Downspouts & Elbows


3x4 Downspouts & Elbows


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