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Whether you want to have the traditional 3ft roofing that you see on most metal roofs or the unique 16in snap-lock design that will hide all of those awful screw holes, Thomas Metal Supply can help you out. We offer both options and will run each pan out to the length that you need for your home.

3ft Roofing

Our state of the art 3ft. roofing machine is the perfect thing to make all of your roofing to the length of your roof. This machine comes with an automatic counter that can get your roofing measured down to the hundredth of an inch. This makes for the best possible fit to avoid any leaking.

Our machine also has the capability of running your roofing out in one continuous piece rather than pieceing it together. So, if you have a 35ft run on your house, you can guarantee we'll run the pan out to the full 35ft. length.

We also offer a variety of colors that we keep in stock in our warehouse. Below you'll find a close representation of all colors we currently keep in stock. All colors listed below are kept in 29ga only in our warehouse.

Please note these colors are a close representation of the material. Colors may vary.

16" Snap-Lock Roofing

Like metal roofing but hate seeing screws and dealing with them leaking? Our 16" Snap-Lock roofing is perfect for you. It's designed to hide the screws with the unique locking design that simply won't unlock. This locking design can be used virtually anywhere without worries about it coming loose or exposing screws.

Just the same as the 3ft roofing we can custom make these panels to any length you need and in several colors. However, this is a special order product and we don't keep all of these colors in stock. However, we work closely with our supplier to ensure we get the material you need for the project as quickly as possible.

Below you will find our suppliers list of colors available in our 24ga and 26ga material.

Please note the colors above may not be accurate. Please visit our showroom for a better representation.

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